20th Century Air

Located in Anaheim, CA, 20th Century Air is a leader in HVAC installation and repair. We were honored to work with them during the purchase and construction of their new office. Our duties included: building and installing a new custom desktop PC, new printer, and structured wiring for internet, phone, and cable television.


Electron Beam Industries

Our friends at Electron Beam Industries have been serving the aerospace and manufacturing industries for many years with their specialized welding technologies. A client since 2006, we have setup numerous computers and severs and have worked with specialty equipment such as digital microscopes, compression chambers, and CNC machines.

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RealSource Partners

RealSource Partners is the go to company for commercial real estate transactions. Located in Irvine, CA, RealSource Partners has an expert team of individuals locating and running demographics on commercial property throughout the nation. Our technology relationship with RealSource Partners has been great. We are responsible for maintaining their fiber network along with several Windows servers and Apple workstations.